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Ronsek has done many works in research and experiment projects which includes innovation, testing, modelling of arc imaging using optical fibres, thermal, heat transfer and enthalpy in switching devices and circuit breakers, smart material piezoelectric, energy harvesting in prosthetic legs,etc. In addition, we have worked on computer modelling of short current circuit breakers. We created Pechrach Publishing to distribute our knowledge, to publish papers and books.

Piezoelectric in Circuit Breakers: Design &Test

By Dr. Kesorn Pechrach

  • This book demonstrates how a piezoelectric actuator can be used as part of the actuation system in a circuit breaker mechanism. The design of circuit breaker could be simplified by the use of smart materials. A simpler mechanism requires fewer mechanical parts. This can improve reliability, reduce size, power consumption and manufacturing costs. It allows substantial miniaturization of these devices resulting in a completely new type of circuit breaker.

    Slow Contact Opening Circuit Breakers

    By Dr. Kesorn Pechrach

  • New results in this book show that at the point at which the arc root moves from the contact region, the driven flow could dominate the arc root commutation from the contact region. The arc root contact time analysis and modelling of the magnetic forces lead to able to estimate the minimum forces that moved the arc root from the contact region. The minimum force for the arc to move from the contact region, with contact opening velocities between 1 m/s and 10 m/s, was approximately 0.2 N. The short circuit current showed a significant influence on the movement of the arc root and the magnetic forces on the contact area and the arc root contact time is decreased as the contact gap increases for contact velocities below 2.2 m/s. The contact opening velocity has a significant influence on the mobility of the arc root from the contact region. The arc root motion depended upon the quantity of the flow and area of the arc chamber venting.

    Architecture Technology for Engineers

    By Dr. Kesorn Pechrach

  • This Architecture Technology for Engineers book is a basic principles for first year architecture students. The benefit to engineers, this book will help to have a better understanding the reason behind the architecture ideas and design. This book consists of 12 chapters cover overall knowledge of architecture structure such as monolithic, frame and shell, how to conduct a site surveys, sketching, drawings, and diagram, learn about materials, sources of materials, process and manufacturing, the sequence of construction which includes foundation, floor, walls and roof, the affect of the environment, solar energy, thermal control, heat gain and heat loss, the carbon emissions, climate analysis, health and well- being in architecture, the services includes domestic services, fresh water, waste water, hot water, electricity, energy saving, heating and ventilation and how to develop and modify the building to be sustainability. There are exercises and case studies at the end of each chapter.

    37 Smart Ways: Life Journeys

    By Dr. Kesorn Pechrach

  • This book is written in two languages: Thai and English. You can create the way you want your life to go. If you really want something, you can find a way. You have to know who you are, what your advantages and disadvantages are. When you tell yourself how good you are, you feel good. You see pictures of youself confident and successful. When you change your way of thinking, you will feel your emotions changing. Wisdom creates confidence. Charm can be created by practising meditation. When your mind is peaceful, you can see how to solve problems and how you deal with them. You can find money whenever you need it. You create your income from inspiration, creativity and skills.

    Arc Control in Circuit Breakers: Low Contact Velocity

    By Dr. Kesorn Pechrach

  • The design of circuit breakers is mainly based on experience rather than precise science. Empirical formulae can be used to determine dimensions of certain general types and the breaking capacity rating. This work addresses problems and development of scientific as well as a practical nature. This book, by a woman who has contributed to the development of electrical arc control in circuit breakers, provides new insight into arc root motion in the contact region. It combines new results from pressure, spectral and optical data. This is the first time the influences of magnetics, gas dynamics, thermal energy, mass flow, gas composition, arc chamber venting, contact material, arc chamber material, short circuit current, polarity, contact opening velocity and the gap behind the moving contact on the arc control have been presented.The first two chapters give a general account of arc root motion. Chapter 3 to 5 are among the most valuable, describing experimental facilities, results from modelling and experiments. The last two chapters discuss the significance of the results and effects of the parameters. Engineers and professionals will profit immensely from this outstanding volume

    Civil Servants Salary in Thailand: History and Research

    By Dr. Amporn Pechrach and Kesorn Pechrach

  • This book is written in English and Thai languages. The researcher constructs a base-salary model and a corresponding base-salary scale table for government officers that are adjustable to changing economic conditions. This book adopts an econometric approach in accordance with which stochastic frontier analysis (SFA) was conducted by means of an application of the maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) technique. The base - salary of the military officers is adjustable to prevailing economic conditions. The objective is to be able to calculate the maximum/minimum rate of the salary structure. It also aims to calculate the step-range for each work group.