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The smart materials like Piezo- Composites, Piezo Flexible Film, Macro Fiber Composites, and PZT have been employed and modified to be appropriately embedded. A novel contact opening mechanism has been developed using a piezoelectric actuator. RI Lady Zenze Egg is a portable ovulation scanner/ fertility scanner.

Project 1: Kidney dialysis datalyser


Our aim is to develop new products for kidney failure patients to help them decrease their suffering and enjoy their longer happy life. This Web site contains dialysis treatment information in CAPD (continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis) for patients with renal (kidney) failure.

Infection problems: Infection is a big risk. You will become ill if infection occurs in the Peritoneum. The infection is called Peritonitis. Signs of infection are hazy or cloudy fluid. You may feel sick or vomit. You may have severe stomach pains. Early treatment will lessen the damage to the Peritoneum, lessen the risk of having to stay in hospital and will make you feel better more quickly.

Draining problems: Not draining enough fluid can be a problem. You could be in overload. Signs of being overload are weight increase, feet/ankles swelling, shortness of breath, puffy eyelids, and raised blood pressure. Draining too much fluid can also be a problem. You could be dehydrated. Signs of dehydration are weight loss, you may feel dizzy or nauseous, suffer constipation or reduced blood pressure.

What the Dialysis Datalyser can do: . The total period of CAPD process is monitored • The total draining fluid is measured • The velocity of the fluid flow is detected • The early signs of infection are detected • All necessary measurement data are recorded • The draining status at each stage of the CAPD process is observed • The status of dehydration and overload are reported

Project 2: Energy Harvesting


The actuator employs a novel geometry, which produces very large movement from simple and compact structure. The actuator comprises two arms formed a single metal substrate and two piezoelectric ceramic plates. The planar disposition of the two ceramic plates mean that, unlike a conventional bimorph structure, high fields can be applied with danger of repolarising the ceramic. The first arm of the actuator produces a downward movement which provides an angle for rthe movement amplification of the second arm. The total movement is slightly less than could be obtained from a single beam of twice the length. However, the stiffness of a single beam has cubic relationship to the length, so only very low forces could be obtained this way. A key advantage of the planar bimorph structure is that it forms an effective pivot point approximately half way along the length of the actuator.

The piezoelectric ceramic is a commercial grade lead zirconate titanate. It is selected for its high d31 coefficient to achieve a large displacement in a bending actuator. The formed and compacted ceramic is sinterted, the machineed size to size. This forms a dense grain structure with typical grain sizes of 15 micrometers diameter. A metallic electrode is then applied to the ceramic. The ceramic plates are bonded to the metal substrate and electrical connections made to complete the assembled actuator.

Project 3: RI Lady Zenze Egg


RI Lady Zenze Egg is a portable ovulation scanner/ fertility scanner in the beautiful jewellery wearable ring and bracelet. The system use piezoelectric energy harvesting for power supply and simply integrated temperature changes in a woman’s body.

Guessing of this fertility period using non-clinical of traditional methods can be inaccurate. Especially, for lady who concern about pregnancy, children and family planning, the results could be frustrated. Consequently, the real time eggs scanner base on the lady body temperature and individual statistics of the previous month of menstrual. The integrated body temperature during this fertility period can be useful in maximize the chances of successful fertilization and successful pregnancy by avoid intercourse during this open window period. Therefore, the pregnancy can be reduced.

The RI Lady Zenze Egg will read the data and record during the whole period of the menstrual cycle can be divided into several different phases. The average length of each phase is shown below, the first three are related to change in the lining of the uterus whereas the final three are related to processes occurring in the ovary.

Project 4: Piezoelectric Actuation in MCBs


A novel contact opening mechanism has been developed using a piezoelectric actuator to open the contacts in a low contact opening velocity circuit breaker. The arc control on the contacts is critical for a successful current interruption 10,000-100,000 A. in low voltage 250 Volts devices. Previous work has shown how arc root commutation from the contact region into the arc chamber is affected by arc chamber materials, contact materials and the gasp behind the moving contact for contact velocity between 1 meter per second to 10 meters per second. This work in extended using a commercially available piezoelectric actuator to open the contacts. Contact opening speeds are assessed and the arc root mobility is characterized under this operating regime. a flexible test apparatus and solid state high speed arc imaging system are used to gather data on the arc root during the opening of the contacts. New experimental results are presented on the anode and cathode root velocity and arc root motion in an arc chamber with piezoelectric actuated contact opening. These results can be used to improve the design of high current low voltage circuit breakers suitable for piezoelectric actuation.

In a circuit breaker, the actuator would be coupled to a mechanism and this will play a large part in the dynamics of the system. To design the mechanism and predict its performance, the actuator can be built into a complete system model as a mass spring system. The piezoelectric actuator described here has sufficient movement to open directly a set of contacts. However, the contact velocity is below that normally required for effective current limitation. However, recent research has shown that it may be possible to improve arc control to an extent that it may be possible to obtain effective arc control with contact velocities of the order of 1 ms . This could permit direct actuation using a piezoelectric actuator. The stroke of the actuator studied here is in the right order of magnitude for a contact system, but marginal for a short circuit device. The force from the actuator would also be insufficient for direct contact action. Force and displacement can be improved preferably by improving the performance of the actuator but also by using the actuator as an intermediate stage in the mechanism. The discrepancy between the actuator performance and the requirements of the contact system needs to be minimized to provide the simplest mechanical system.

Project 5: Self Power Supply in Prosthetic Legs


The design of an energy harvesting system using smart materials for self power generation of upper and lower prosthetic legs. The smart materials like Piezo- Composites, Piezo Flexible Film, Macro Fiber Composites, and PZT have been employed and modified to be appropriately embedded in the prosthesis. The movements of the prosthesis would extract and transfer energy directly from the piezoelectric via a converter to a power management system. Afterward, the power management system manages and accumulates the generated electrical energy to be sufficient for later powering electronic components of the prosthesis. Here we show our preliminary experimental results of energy harvesting and efficiency in peak piezoelectric voltages during step up and continuous walking for a period of time.