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Ronsek Developing Products

Ronsek innovation has worked on harvest energy from human body to supply power and biochemical and physiological sensors: pH, electrolytes, lactate, sweat volume, ECG, heart rate, respiration, sweat rate, skin temperature, humidity sensors, GSR, and heat flux. This includes power supply that will be developed and integration with the wireless communication system, the smart wearable sensor system, optical detection, interface for team and individual communication, microprocessor, A/D converter, electronic cradle, etc.

Our Products include:

  • Product 1 - PZT Piezoelectric
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    A novel contact opening mechanism has been developed using a piezoelectric actuator to open the contacts in a low contact opening velocity circuit breaker. The arc control on the contacts is critical for a successful current interruption 10,000-100,000 A. in low voltage 250 Volts devices.

    This work used an available piezoelectric actuators. Contact opening speedsare assessed is characterized under this operating regime. This could permit direct actuation using a piezoelectric actuator. The stroke of the actuator studied here is in the right order of magnitude

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  • Product 2 - Piezoelectric actuator controller board
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    The actuator would be coupled to a mechanism and this will play a large part in the dynamics of the system. To design the mechanism and predict its performance, the actuator can be built into a complete system model as a mass spring system.

    It has shown that it may be possible to improve arc control to an extent that it may be possible to obtain effective arc control with contact velocities. Improving the performance of the actuator but also by using the actuator as an intermediate stage in the mechanism.

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  • Product 3 - Kidney dialysis datalyser
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    The Dialysis Datalyser has functions as following:

    - The early signs of infection

    - Draining status at each stage of the CAPD process

    - Total draining fluid and velocity of the fluid flow

    - Total period of CAPD process

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  • Product 3 - RI Lady zenze Egg
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    RI Lady Zenze Egg is a portable ovulation scanner/ fertility scanner in the beautiful jewellery wearable ring and bracelet. The system use piezoelectric energy harvesting for power supply and simply integrated temperature changes in a woman’s body.

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